6.001 Spring 2007:
Transferring files between the 6.001 lab and a Windows machine

When you log in to 6.001 lab machines and save your work, it is automatically saved to your Athena account in a directory called ~/u6001/work. As long as you save your work in edwin before logging out, these files are saved and you can view or print them from any Athena machine.

If you wish to transfer files between a Windows machine at home and the lab, there are two viable options.

  • Use SecureCRT on your Windows machine to transfer files to your Athena account.
    1. Log into athena.dialup.mit.edu using ssh, with your Athena username and password.
    2. type:
      add sipb
    3. Kill zephyr by typing:
      add consult
      punt zwgc
    4. To send a file from you windows machine to your account:
      1. Under the Transfer menu, choose "Zmodem upload list" and add the file you wish to send to the dialog.
      2. choose "Start Zmodem upload" from the Transfer menu.
    5. To transfer a file from your account to your Windows machine:
      1. type:
        sz filename
      2. The file will be saved in the directory listed as "Download Directory" in the Options->Session Preferences->Files menu
  • Save the files on a floppy disk at home. Unfortunately, the 6.001 lab does not have any machines with accessible floppy drives, so you will need to use an Athena cluster (such as 38-370) to transfer your files into your account.
    1. To copy files from a dos floppy to your account type the following:
          add mtools
          mcopy a:filename .
    2. To copy files from your account to a dos floppy type:
          add mtools
          mcopy filename a:filename

Don't use FTP!
Ftp sends your password unencrypted, giving anyone a chance to steal your password and use it for all sorts of nefarious uses.

Questions about transferring files should be sent to 6001-lab@mit.edu.

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