6.001 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Spring 2004

Current announcements

Posted May 21, 2004: Course Grades and Final Exams

  • The Spring 2004 edition of 6.001 is over! Have an excellent summer.
  • If you have not already, please fill out the survey (PS 11) to help us improve 6.001.
  • Course grade: this should be available as of Friday afternoon, May 21.
  • The statistics for the final exam: mean 149.2, stddev. 34.3.
  • Starting Tuesday, May 25 you may view (but not remove from the room) your final exam in 39-567. Be prepared to show your MIT ID.

Posted May 27, 2004: Adventure Game Contest Winners
Congratulations to the winners of the object-oriented adventure game:

  • Rajiv Eranki -- Technical Prize
  • Ryan Hendrickson -- Technical Prize
  • Andrew Pinkham -- Technical/Creativity Prize
  • Hyeyoun Chung -- Creative Artistry Prize
  • Adam Donovan -- Creative Artistry Prize

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