6.001 - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Fall 2007

Welcome to 6.001!

This page is your entry to the course material. It includes current announcements of the course, pointers to other sources of information such as the textbook, the course calendar, the programming projects, and the entry point to the online tutor system.

Current announcements

The Final Exam will be held on Wednesday, 19 December 2007 in 32-141 at 9:00AM--12Noon. A memo that you will need to prepare for the exam was handed out in lecture on Thursday, 6 December 2007.

GROWL! For those of you who did not show up in lecture on Thursday, 6 December 2007, the essential handout you missed is here.

Project 5

Several minor clarifications to the project 5 text were posted on Monday 11/19, along with fixes for running on DrScheme. Please download the new versions of the code files.

Complete list of previous announcements

Resources for course material.

  • This term we are providing several resources for the course material for you.
    • You can reach the online version of the text book (see the link below).
    • You can browse the lecture based "text book" by going to the tutor, clicking on the Lecture link, and then for each lecture, using the "lecture slides in pdf" link. This provides you a version of the slides of online lectures from a previous term, together with associated text descriptions. While these lectures are NOT identical to the live lectures, they cover similar material and give you a different perspective from the live lectures. You are responsible for material introduced in the live lectures, whether or not that material is also included in the online material.
    • We also provide access to a set of video lectures by Hal Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman, given at HP in 1986! Again, these lectures are not exactly the same as the ones that we will be giving in class this term, but they are fun to look at, if only to see how Professor Sussman has aged in the interim.
    • There will be occasional handouts in the live lecture. These can be obtained by clicking on the lecture link in the course calendar (see link below). Note that these will typically be posted after the actual lecture. The lecturer this term will often use the chalkboard to present material. Thus there will be no general set of lecture slides available for each lecture. However, occasionally the lecturer may put material here after class.
  • "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs", the text for the course, is available online (link below), or at Quantam Books, for about $64. It is also available at the MIT Coop. An online site that provides access for ordering books is found at bookX site (which is an MIT based site for connecting sellers to buyers).

Getting help in 6.001

    Just a reminder that the Lab Assistants in the 6.001 Lab are often available to provide help with course material. This is especially true if you visit the lab during non-peak hours (i.e. not right before a project is due)! See

    How to get help/Staff hours for lab

    for staffing hours.

Additional resources

The following links contain information that is of value in understanding the content and organization of the course

How to get help/Staff hours for lab

General information
Course objectives and expected outcomes
Projects and project information

Online version of the textbook, courtesy of MIT Press

Don't Panic Handout
How to write up a project
Policy on collaborative work
Records of previous terms
Download scheme

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